A long forgotten treasure

I was recently reunited with a piece of my work, an alphabet sampler. I was contacted by the owners who wondered if I was interested in seeing it again. Of course I was!

Its hand stitching, appliqué and quilting. It formed part of my portfolio of work that helped me get into Goldsmiths. I made it in 1975 and sold it soon after that.

It was wonderful to see it again. Lots of memories came flooding back as I looked at each section and saw what I had chosen to represent each letter. P for parquet, the flooring we had in our home. T for telephone with our red phone that my mother loved and our phone number clearly stitched. M for map, with our village of Llynclys nr Oswestry centre stage. S for sweets, my favourite, Liquorice Allsorts, all French knots and satin stitch

So much detail too, I worked on it for weeks, enjoying creating each letter, thinking about the subject and how to interpret it in stitch. It was great to see it again and record it as part of my early career on my website

Its been in the same family for 38 years, enjoyed by 3 generations, much loved and treasured by all the children as they have grown up with it. That makes me very happy!