Aurifil Artisan Challenges

I am prepping for various activities ahead. An exhibition in Napier, New Zealand, another in Sydney and a Quilt Symposium in Auckland to mention just few.

I also have an Aurifil challenge scheduled for this month and I have  been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my threads. The colour choice is just one of the things that Aurifil cotton 50wt does so well in my opinion, it is superb. Their beautiful colours in a wide range of tonal values enables me to paint with stitches and create my trademark 3 dimensional effect.

My embroideries begin as a simple photograph which I translate into a silk painting, so that when I start on the stitches the process becomes about making marks in thread.

Silk painted base

This is when the process becomes all about definition and texture. These marks create the artwork through pattern and colour.

Here is the sequence tracking my progress with this ” Patio Pots ” inspired embroidery. It includes a little reverse stitching (aka unpicking) having originally misjudged the amount of yellow flowers in the foreground.


That’s better! A minor adjustment but worth the effort. If it’s not right it has to come out. Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you Aurifil, awesome threads!


I have a new addition to my website called ThreadLink. It’s for people who are interested in knowing when I add anything new to my site.

It may be a new post on my blog, an addition to my courses list, a new exhibition or embroidery in the gallery.

It’s free and easy to sign up!

Members will get an email which takes them straight to the newest content on the website. If you are student who recently came on one of my courses it will let you know when your embroidery is on my website. If you follow me on my travels to Australia or like to keep up to date with my latest work ThreadLink is perfect for you!