Stitch Magazine

My paper and stitch collage is featured in Stitch magazine this month. It shows the step by step stages, from the inspiration and materials through to the finished framed embroidery. Its a new project especially for Stitch. This is an idea I first explored in my Seascapes book where I tear and layer paper as a base for freehand stitching. Take a look, its a great project for beginners

The completed paper and stitch collage

If at first…..

I recently completed an embroidery, a sunlit mountain vista. During the process I had suspected the sky was too detailed and would fight with, not complement the landscape. When I had finished the stitching I realised I was right and something had to be done. So on a new piece of silk, I painted another sky and then took brave but necessary action! Here is the story…….

The landscape and the sky part company!

I hand stitched the embroidery to the new sky ( Yes, thats correct, me, hand stitching!)

Stretched in a hoop so I can freehand stitch the pieces together

The back of the work showing the lines of stitching blending in with the existing embroidery


Its a view of Dinas Mawddwy, a beautiful part of Wales near Dolgellau.