Opening my new studio

My Open Studio event in June this year was the first opportunity for people to visit me in my new studio. Only a short time after coming home from my week at the Chelsea Flower Show it was a frantic ( more than usual! ) lead up to the first weekend. I enrolled the whole family to help, we were painting walls, making shelves, varnishing the floor, weeding the garden and hanging pictures on the walls, it was non stop activity!It was worth all the effort when we had lots of visitors over the 2 weekends and really good sales. Everyone enjoyed the new studio and with all the doors open it allowed people to stroll through to the garden and the summerhouse to see Myk’s photography display. Most of the time the weather was very kind and we had some sunshine!I am planning to have a quieter spell now, enjoying working in my new space, occasionally getting distracted by the garden and relishing the summer months ahead.