Australian Adventures

This is the first of 2 blog posts, for this, my 5th trip to Australia. I have completed the first leg of the journey with my stay in WA. 3 courses taught so far, lots of lovely enthusiastic ladies eager to learn. Much to my delight some familiar faces from my previous trip had signed up for another course, some travelling from out of state to join me in Perth. This has been the busiest spell out of the 6 weeks, with 7 days teaching in 10 days. ( No sympathy needed but it was full on!) The weather has been over 30 degrees each day since I arrived, a sharp contrast to the weather I left behind in the UK. I have been fed and watered very well in each place I have stayed. Great hosts, thank you! It’s a bonding experience organising courses and the logistics so a glass or two of wine in the evening is a great way to ponder on the successes of the day! The students work is posted on the website and I am thrilled with the standard of work. A team effort on each occasion as the students listen attentively and work hard on their projects to achieve such great results.

Here is a piece by Jill, a student on the “Up Close and Personal” course in Margaret River.

Wendy demonstrates the sound proofed folding doors between the 2 classrooms on the top floor, making it into 1 large room.

While in Sydney I was invited to the headquarters of the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW to see the rebuild. I had an exciting tour with President Wendy Schmid as the building was being signed off by the architect and building inspectors. Wow! What an amazing custom built space. Several beautifully lit workshop rooms. A library and archive room. 4 gallery spaces, meeting rooms and shop. Over 3 floors this new place is fabulous. The details are lovely, especially the cross stitch inspired patterns of the tiles!

I am currently enjoying a few days in the Blue Mountains. The scenery and gardens are wonderful and I am feeling inspired for some new work when I get back in my studio.

Next stage is to drive on to Port Macquarie for my next couple of courses.