On to Melbourne and beyond

My trip continued with a stay in Melbourne teaching 2 classes at the weekends with a few days of relaxation in between. I started with a class for Carly Leech in Forest Hill called “Sunshine and Shadows”, exploring the unexpected colours found in shadows and the broad tonal range needed to give the images intensity and impact. There were some super results from the 2 day workshop, they are on the students work page on my website.

Mid week I had the chance to visit The Heide Museum of Modern Art, to see a super exhibition by Mirka Mora “Pas des Deux” Drawings and Dolls.

 It is an extraordinary range of work, I especially loved the colourful fabric dolls she created. It was a great opportunity to see these as they are normally kept in the family home.

One of my favourite activities is garden browsing! My lovely host did not disappoint with a local garden famous for its wisteria arch. Unfortunately too late for that but the poppies were glorious!

Another day out took me to the amazing National Rhododendron Gardens, a visual treat and really inspirational with a laburnam arch in full flower as well as azaleas and rhododendrons.

My second weekend was teaching the Melbourne Guild the detailed flower study course “Up Close and Personal”.  A great group of students in full creative mode produced some super results.

All too soon my time in Australia came to an end and it was time to move on to NZ…

Starting with a few days in Auckland and from there a visit to Piha Beach. A stunning view from the headland above is tantalising and the walk along the beach was fabulous. So much inspiration for my embroideries when I get back home!

It is famous as the location for the film “The Piano”. Powerful waves crashing against the rocks and a great sweeping curve at the waters edge gave me some great photos. My adventures continue with a few days in Hawkes Bay staying near the beautiful town of Napier.  I will tell all in my next blog post!

Australia Trip: Travelling and Teaching

It’s only been a week since I left the UK and it feels more like three. I arrived in Sydney and was met at the airport to be taken to stay with the President of Embroiderers Guild NSW in a calm, spacious house in Breakfast Point. Lucky me and a big thank you to Ron and Wendy.

After a necessary day of rest I went into the Guild headquarters to hang my exhibition of 30 embroideries in their beautiful Gallery76. It’s on the top floor of their custom designed building, with great light and gleaming white walls. I had lots of help from April, their gallery curator and we were very pleased with the end result. They had kindly organised a launch that evening with wine and nibbles and with a little jet lag lingering I hope I made sense to all the people I spoke to!

My course “Crashing Waves” started the next day and I had the weekend with a group of enthusiastic student’s. Their work is on my website. Please take a look, they made some great embroideries. I closed the weekend with a talk in the evening about my inspiration and process. Everyone seemed to enjoy it with many really insightful questions to end the session.

“Autumn Sunshine” part of the Embroiderers Guild NSW Collection

One of the highlights of my week here is the purchase of a piece of my work by the Guild for their Collection.  “Autumn Sunshine” is the piece and it will be housed in the Archive Room and be available for students to study and will be hung in Guild exhibitions. I feel honoured to have an embroidery of mine in their Collection, I am in esteemed company!

I have been invited back to teach for the Guild in 2019, we are planning a weekend course in late October but also an additional Masterclass, I will keep you posted.

I have had a couple of leisure days too. A trip to Bondi Beach for the cliff walk to Tamarama Beach. We thought we were too late for the Sculpture by the Sea but fortunately a few were still in place and they looked amazing in that rugged setting. My trip here next year will be a little earlier and I will be able to see the full exhibition of sculptures, can’t wait!

Only a couple more days for me here in Sydney then on to Melbourne for 2 more courses. I am really looking forward to catching up with friends there.