Aurifil Challenge #2!

My trip to NZ is imminent and before I leave once again I am responding to the Aurifil challenge! This time, use more than 5 colours on a project.

Choosing the thread colours

I feel it was an obvious one for me to choose in one way as using more that 5 colours is really not unusual for me. I used the 50wt cotton, a fine thread that allows me to get lots of detail in a small area. Here is the silk painted base stretched in the hoop with some dark green stitching giving some texture and definition to the foliage.

Inspired by a photograph of my garden, it is an excuse to have an image of it highlighted in stitch while I travel to other side of the world. It will be a pleasant reminder of home while I am in NZ and Australia

This is the side entrance to our garden, looking its colourful best in May when all our rhododendrons are in full bloom.

I have used straight stitch for all this embroidery,  just varying the length of stitch and the textures for each area. The arch and fence was a test of a steady hand and good control of the hoop. I have used a very dark brown with pale grey highlights. 

When I took the photograph the gate was open, making it an invitation to come in and look around. I chose to embroider the fence and arch and actually left the gate out! Did you notice…of course you did. Artistic license!

It will be on display at Gallery76 which is the NSW Embroiderers Guild Headquarters, Queen St, Concord West Sydney Australia on 25th October 2019 for a week., while I am there teaching courses.