Settling back at Home.

I love the way I get to travel teaching and exhibiting but being away for 7 weeks means I have to come home and pick up the pieces of life and work. It always feels strange at first, I don’t know whether to take it slow after a few hectic weeks away or to dive into new work as the creative juices have been on the back burner.

Well it is a mixture of both, I try to be logical and do the practical Must Do list first. Unpacking, reframing, catching up on emails and post.

Then finally I can move on to new embroideries, like the December Aurifil challenge! It’s great to be back and to be able to create my own work again.

The brief was a seasonal project. So I opted for an image inspired by a frosty morning in Shropshire. I decided on 5 x 7 inches as the overall size.

Starting in the distance with the hedges and frosty grass in the field

First of all a painted background using Deka silk paints and then choosing some threads. Aurifil 50w cotton is my favourite for this way of working.

The distance fields and foreground details are complete.

It’s complete and all with just 2 types of stitches, straight stitch and zigzag. It is great to be home!