My New Studio

Work has begun on my new studio. We are converting the double garage behind the house into a teaching room and studio. There is a lot of work to do, the brick walls and ceiling need insulating, plastering, painting, and a wooden floor laid. The wall overlooking the garden and the garage door will be replaced by floor to ceiling bi-fold doors, so there will be lots of natural light.

Framework on the wall for the insulation and plaster

I currently work in a smaller studio the attic, (all jokes of artists starving in garrets have already been made, thank you!) so I am really looking forward to having more space to create in. On a sunny day it will be great being able to open up the doors and enjoy my garden. I will overlook the pond and my favourite tree, a corkscrew willow.

This wall will become glass bi-fold doors, my entrance to the garden

There it was …gone!

The view of the studio from my garden. Waiting for the glass doors to be fitted, bit draughty in there at the moment!

My regular students are looking forward to being in there too. It will be ready in time for my Open Studios event in June. I will be open 10am to 5pm on 13th, 14th and the following weekend, 20th, 21st

I will post more photographs as the work progresses. Exciting times!

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